My Dear God,

We owe You a great many thanks for Hurricane Irma and exalt Your name in the face of all who wonder how our loving and merciful Creator could send such a storm our way. We humble ourselves to Your great power and intentionally shift our perspectives to that of gratitude for all that You do for Your children.  

Though they may not be readily apparent or understood, there are always important lessons to learn from every situation we live through. They are not good or bad, they just are. Our attitudes, however, are what shape the way we experience them. Our hearts have to be open to receive goodness and blessings, recognizing that our attitudes are our choice. Therefore, let us choose to receive Your lessons with an open heart today.

All Glory be to God, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

I took the liberty of translating the following open letter to Irma. I think its author’s words are a testament to our faith in God, His promises, and living a life where we choose to live in gratitude, humility, and appreciation for something that is greater than we will ever be.


Thank you for reducing the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean. Surely, our sea life and coral reefs are rejoicing. Thank you for renewing our forests, cleansing our rivers, and bringing humanity together for a greater cause when the days’ headlines are brimming with hurt and destruction. Thank you for reminding us our planet is alive and reacts to our choices in how we care for it. Thank you for reminding us we must continue to educate ourselves on how to protect the earth. Thank you for reminding us we are only human and must stand in humility before the power of nature.

Thank you for bringing our families and friends together, who will share quality time with one another when they would not have otherwise done so because of the busy lives we lead. Thank you for the uprising and generosity of our neighbors and local communities, for the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes of our loved ones far away. Thank you for those who extend hugs and hand shakes to complete strangers.

Thank you for what you give us and for what you will take away. Perhaps what we lose will in turn inspire us to live simpler lives, void of material attachments, and focus on the things that are really important.

Thank you, Irma!

Yvette Valencia

My world is made up of faith, many blessings, and lofty dreams. I'm a wife of twelve years, mother to two amazing boys, and a career woman who owns and runs a content marketing company. Fashion and music move me.

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