Yvette Valencia


My Dear God,

We owe You a great many thanks for Hurricane Irma and exalt Your name in the face of all who wonder how our loving and merciful Creator could send such a storm our way. We humble ourselves to Your great power and intentionally shift our perspectives to that of gratitude for all that You do for Your children.  

Though they may not be readily apparent or understood, there are always important lessons to learn from every situation we live through. They are not good or bad, they just are. Our attitudes, however, are what shape the way we experience them. Our hearts have to be open to receive goodness and blessings, recognizing that our attitudes are our choice. Therefore, let us choose to receive Your lessons with an open heart today.

All Glory be to God, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

I took the liberty of translating the following open letter to Irma. I think its author’s words are a testament to our faith in God, His promises, and living a life where we choose to live in gratitude, humility, and appreciation for something that is greater than we will ever be.


Thank you for reducing the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean. Surely, our sea life and coral reefs are rejoicing. Thank you for renewing our forests, cleansing our rivers, and bringing humanity together for a greater cause when the days’ headlines are brimming with hurt and destruction. Thank you for reminding us our planet is alive and reacts to our choices in how we care for it. Thank you for reminding us we must continue to educate ourselves on how to protect the earth. Thank you for reminding us we are only human and must stand in humility before the power of nature.

Thank you for bringing our families and friends together, who will share quality time with one another when they would not have otherwise done so because of the busy lives we lead. Thank you for the uprising and generosity of our neighbors and local communities, for the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes of our loved ones far away. Thank you for those who extend hugs and hand shakes to complete strangers.

Thank you for what you give us and for what you will take away. Perhaps what we lose will in turn inspire us to live simpler lives, void of material attachments, and focus on the things that are really important.

Thank you, Irma!

Masking tape? Check. 

Double-sided tape? Check.

Scissors? Check.

If this sound like the start of an arts and craft post, you are sadly mistaken. These are just a few of the items I used to create a fabulous look for the New Year’s Eve (NYE) party my husband and I attended that evening.   

Busty Girl Dilemmas

I am busty by plunging neckline standards (36 c), and while I don’t mind showing off my assets, I am super conscious about looking classy in every outfit I put together. The word “classy” is subjective, I know, but what it means to me is this – if I am showing a lot of skin on top, I intentionally cover up the bottom half of my body with pants or tights that are opaque. And when I want my legs to be the focal point in anything mini, I show little to no skin up top. This practice keeps things in balance, in my opinion.   

For the evening’s festivities, I chose to wear a red wine-colored lace maxi dress I had bought months earlier from a boutique in Fort Lauderdale (also available here). The beauty caught my eye with its delicate embroidery and deep V neckline, but would its see-through skirt and high slits on either side take sexy over the edge? Not a chance! Each feature worked together beautifully, but I knew I would be in for some crafty maneuvering if I wanted to achieve a runway-worthy look.     

Boho Lace Maxi Dress
Boho Lace Maxi Dress; Available at – $72.95

Since I would be making the top of the dress the center of interest, I decided ahead of time that I would keep my accessories minimal and wear black trousers underneath the skirt. (The trousers would replace the shorts sewn into the waist of the dress.) 

Boho Lace Maxi Dress; Available at $72.95
Boho Lace Maxi Dress; Available at $72.95
Apt. 9 Modern Fit Black Trousers; Available at Kohl's - $48.00
Apt. 9 Modern-Fit Black Trousers; Available at Kohl’s – $48.00

I also knew I would need plenty of masking and fashion tape to keep the neckline in place, create the perfect cleavage, and avoid an embarrassing “wardrobe malfunction” on the dance floor.

Ready for two game-changing fashion hacks? Here you go!

Fashion Hack 1 – A Tape Bra

To start, I used a fashion hack Mrs. Kardashian-West shared with the world last year via her Instagram – using masking tape to lift your breasts and produce envy-worthy cleavage. Though the hack is easy to master and works like a dream, I suggest you stand perfectly straight before applying the first strip of tape to the top of your shoulder. Otherwise, you will feel dragged down and forced to hunch over the whole night until you can remove the bra. Also, it hurts like a b**** to remove each strip at the end of the evening, especially over and around your nipples, so “brace yourselves,” as Kim cautions. If you are not too tired, I recommend loosening up the adhesive by taking a hot shower and gently removing the bra piece-by-piece under the water. 

Kim Kardashian’s Tape Bra Hack

I want to note that before trying Kim’s fashion hack, I tried a few different adhesive bras and nipple petals from stores like Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s. Sadly, none worked for this well-endowed babe. I was left feeling unsupported and ripped off (those bras are not cheap!).

Fashion Hack 2 – Body Adhesive

Once I had my tape bra in place, I slipped into my dress and applied small strips of double-sided fashion tape along the top and center of the neckline. Unfortunately, after several tries, the fashion tape was a flop. Frustrated and nervous about a possible nip slip, I panicked. I even contemplated changing into something else I knew I would be able to dance in and not look like a girl that had gone wild. Thankfully, like an angel sent from Heaven, my dear friend (and neighbor) saved the night with well-known hack dancers use to keep their costumes in place – Yofi’s Stick It Body Adhesive! I strategically rolled the glue on my chest where the edge of the fabric would lay, pressed the neckline in place, and held my breath. In just a few seconds, the fabric did not budge or pull away from the glue. Success!  

Yofi Stick-It Body Adhesive; Available online $12
Yofi Stick-It Body Adhesive; Available online $12

Accessorizing the Look

If you want to create an unforgettable look, you have to pay attention to detail. But more importantly, your have to feel amazing in what you are wearing – from head to toe. I always say, “Your best accessory is confidence.”    

As I mentioned earlier, I stuck to minimal accessories, finishing off my NYE look with dainty earrings and two delicate necklaces (both given to me as gifts), a crimson velvet jacket and black velvet shoes.  

Simple Accessories

Tahari Cropped Velvet Jacket; Available at Macy's $129
Tahari Cropped Velvet Jacket; Available at Macy’s $129
Steve Madden Black Velvet Platforms; Available at $99.95
Steve Madden Black Velvet Platforms; Available at $99.95

And, there you have it!

Happy New Year, Sunset Lovers! Let me know how the hacks I list above work out for you.

Summer to Fall Accessories 2016

Let’s admit it, fashionistas, the moment we hear the words “cold front” in South Florida, we immediately pull out the winter box from high atop our closets. The dips in the temperature—although short-lived—excite us to wear all or at least a few of our cold-weather favorites.

Who cares if our choices seem outright ridiculous to visiting snowbirds, they’ll be gone soon enough! But it’s important to prioritize so your most important pieces see the light of day first. So, here is my list of the top six summer to fall/winter swaps. They are so fun, you’re going to want to run out and get them if you don’t already own them.

1. Swap a flowy sundress for a light sweater dress.

If you think about it, flowers bloom in the spring and blossom throughout the summer. During fall and winter, however, flowers take a backseat to the changing leaves in the most fabulous array of burnt orange, gold, and burgundy. So, why not follow suit? Pack your flowy, flowery sundresses away (for now!) and give way to sweater dresses like these:

Available at; $29.99
Available at; $29.99
Available at; $79.95
Available at; $79.95

Dare to wear your dress slightly relaxed (try sizing up). And, to complete the look, opt for faux suede over-the-knee boots with a low block heel like these and a cross-body bag like this one or this one.

2. Swap a mini skirt for a midi skirt.

When midi skirts hit the scene a few years ago, I was instantly hooked. Not only is its A-line design and length flattering on practically any body shape, but the midi skirt is also a refreshing, unexpected choice for South Florida honeys. In my opinion, it’s completely underrated. Here are my picks from ASOS, Macy’s, and Target:

Available at; $83.00
Available at; $26.99
Available at; $27.99
Available at; $27.99

A few fashion rules to keep in mind when you’re out shopping for your midi: 1) keep the outfit feminine; 2) proportion is key (try a slim-fitting top you could tuck into the waist); and 3) complete your look with leg-lengthening heels or embellished ankle boots. 

3. Swap strappy sandals for ankle boots.

I couldn’t be more excited about this swap. I just adore ankle boots, and apparently, fashion’s hottest “It Girls” do too! I own four pairs of ankle boots and wear them all year round. Maybe these stand-out styles will inspire you to do the same?

Available at; $59.99
Available at; $59.99
Available at; $49.99
Available at; $49.99
Available at; $49.99
Available at; $49.99
Available at; $49.99
Available at; $49.99

Ankle boots pair beautifully with cropped or ankle-length skinny jeans. This season, why not try a pair with a frayed hem like these?

4. Swap a cropped denim jacket for a lightweight puffer jacket.

I don’t have enough great things to say about a denim jacket. It’s classic and always cool. I remember the moment I became a fan…it was in the mid-80s when Madonna rocked a few variations in her Borderline music video. But like the changing seasons, it’s time to enjoy something new if at least temporarily. Don’t think puffer jackets are possible in South Florida? Think again! The neutral styles you’ll see here are lightweight, so you can enjoy them now through spring.

Available at; $110
Available at; $110
Available at; $39.99
Available at; $39.99

5. Swap a thin scarf for a faux fur stole.

Fur in South Florida? Why not? Just make sure it’s fake, lightweight, and in an unexpected color for some added fun. Just like you would a scarf, wear it around your neck and over a t-shirt, a light sweater or a cocktail dress. My favorite trend this season? Wear the fur stole over one shoulder and let it hang or belt the ends at your waist  over your outfit. The important thing is to keep it fun! 

Available on; $49.90
Available on; $49.90

6. Swap a Panama hat for a wide-brim felt Fedora.

After ankle booties, wide-brim Fedoras are my all-time favorite fashion accessory. A well-fitted, beautifully structured Fedora is worth its weight in gold on days when you don’t want to fuss with your hair. And, it’s an elevated alternative to a knitted beanie. My only advice is, put the hats away at night, ladies. They are strictly a daytime accessory, IMHO.

Available at; $19.99
Available at; $19.99

These small seasonal swaps in your wardrobe will demonstrate you’re a babe who pays attention to detail. And, in fashion, it’s always about the details.

Stay warm, everyone!

Xo – Yve

It’s hard to believe we’re in the midst of the holiday season again! Soon, we’ll find ourselves gathering with family and friends around a deliciously stuffed turkey, and only a few weeks later, tearing through gifts. There will be tables to set, special people to shop for (can’t forget our kids’ school teachers), and parties to attend. Then, before we know it, the season leaves us as quickly as it arrives.

Whether you’re hosting some of the holidays’ festivities or just partaking in the dining and dancing, you’ll need some amazing looks to wow your guests and fellow partygoers. But with the added rush, how does a girl find time to shop for herself? Well, you can do what I do…start your holiday outfits hunt in early November.

In this post, I offer you inspiration for a few of the season’s stand-out functions: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve! Of course, there will be other events, and when there are and you need help putting a fabulous look together, feel free to shoot me an email. I’m happy to help!

Thanksgiving Day Outfit Idea

Most years, I host our family’s Thanksgiving Day feast. For this reason, I search for an outfit that caters to my running around, overeating, and dancing. It’s all about cool comfort on Thanksgiving Day. 

Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas 2016
Savory stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie…what a healthy girl needs most on Thanksgiving is wiggle room! This beautiful top and skirt by BCBG have the perfect movement for hosting a family dinner and enjoying it too!

This nude satin number by BCBG is just perfect (see a similar style for less here)! It’s actually a top and skirt, so even though it may be a bit pricey for one occasion, you can wear each piece separately throughout the year. Imagine the top with skinny jeans in a dark wash (like these or these) and a white blazer or pair the handkerchief skirt with a chunky turtleneck sweater in ivory (try this one) and calf-high leather boots (check out this pair). These are only two examples, but the possibilities are endless.

To complete this easy-breezy look, keep your makeup and accessories simple. I also recommend giving your locks a lived-in vibe. This way when the heat rises in the kitchen, it will only work to emphasize your hair’s natural texture. When I tried this outfit on at the BCBG store, I chose to accentuate my waist with a tie-knot leather belt and stilettos in the same shade.  

Christmas Eve Outfit Idea

If you’re going mad at Christmas, go Mad Woman! This beautiful mini dress by BCBG reminds me of the delicate and feminine styles of the 60s. Complete your look with simple yet ultra sexy hair, dramatic eyes, and a killer cocktail ring.

All of the season’s build up for this night – Christmas Eve. If you’re like me, you’ll have your family and some of your closest friends over for lechon asado (roast pork), morros (black beans and white rice), boiled yucca, and some serious Salsa dancing. I love to look festive on Christmas Eve, but I purposely stay away from the color red (except for on my lips sometimes). 

When I shop for my outfit, I gravitate to bold colors but will entertain a LBD if it has the right embellishments. Enter this lace, bell sleeve beauty by BCBG (see similar styles for less herehere, and here).  When I tried the dress on, I felt like I’d just stepped onto the set of Mad Men. The sheer stripes and delicate floral lace edges give the dress a sexy and sophisticated 60s feel. I instantly thought a voluminous half up half down hairstyle and bold eyes would set off the look. Add some falsies and a killer cocktail ring and you’re ready to jingle some bells! But wait — don’t forget your Mary Janes, which you can do in high or low heels.          

New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. It’s the bash of the year! What better excuse for buying another amazing dress, sipping lots of Rose champagne, partying alongside amazing friends, and dancing until your feet go numb? Sounds easy enough, but finding a dress suitable for all of these activities may not be.

Ditch the LBD this New Year’s Eve and shine bright in these jewel-tone party dresses!

Maybe you feel most comfortable in black, but let me ask you this – are you okay with drowning in a sea of black dresses or do you want to shine brighter than the ball dropping in Times Square? Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’re a girl who takes pride in your uniqueness. This New Year’s Eve, I challenge you to forgo what’s comfortable and opt for a jewel-toned dress like the ones in the image above featuring some of today’s hottest runway trends.

The holidays will be a distant memory before we know it. So, why not leave a lasting impression with one of these fashionable finds? Each so versatile, you’ll find they are the gifts (to yourself) that keep on giving, even long after the tree and mistletoe have been packed away. 

Happy Holidays!

Xo – Yve