Fashion Moves Me

I won’t say I’ve loved fashion since I was a kid because it’s not true. There are moments in my adolescent and teen years when I chose to wear looks that would later in life make me cringe (thankfully the photos are gone and social media did not exist!). It wasn’t until high school that I began to follow the careers of the top models gracing the covers of Vogue and Cosmo and the runways in the early 90s – Cindy, Linda, Naomi, Stephanie, Claudia, Helena, Christy, Kate! They became my obsession. I’d get lost in piles of fashion magazines, follow House of Style on MTV religiously (how could I forget you, Nikki?!), and transcend during reruns of New York’s and Paris’s fashion week on cable. These gorgeous women were taking the world by storm, and I felt safe getting swept away in their rapture.

My Background

I come from a humble upbringing. I was born and raised in Hollywood, California. I dream in motion pictures and believe you can have it all. Perhaps now you understand why people refer to L.A. as “La La Land.” We’re nothing but a bunch of hippie dreamers. I like that about myself, though. It keeps me working hard. 

Though I grew up on Sunset Boulevard and Kingsley Drive in Los Angeles, California, my parents couldn’t afford to buy my sister and me name-brand clothing, shoes or bags (though, our desire for them was ever-present). We had to make do with the occasional hand-me-downs from my stylish older cousin in Miami. The only problem was she was a size two and I was not! But, these challenges presented me with a grand opportunity – how do I recreate the high-fashion looks in the magazines on a small budget? Although I will splurge on timeless pieces from time to time, this question still drives my fashion choices today including my decision to start this website.

This Site Exists To Help You

Sunset & Kingsley is a fashion, beauty, and music destination for women in their 30s and 40s. Why this age group? Well, when it comes to fashion, we’re the forgotten demographic, in my opinion. If we’re to keep it real, we’re the girls who have outgrown the Juniors’ section, but not exactly ready (mentally or emotionally) to take the ride up the escalator to the Women’s section. Through this blog, I’ll show you how to stand out in a crowd and enjoy today’s hottest fashion trends while keeping it classy, age-appropriate, and most importantly, fun!